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R 6 500

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

In the Digital Marketing for Small Businesses course offered by DMI, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage digital platforms to achieve their business goals. The course focuses on various essential aspects of digital marketing, including brand visibility, customer engagement, brand awareness, website traffic generation, lead...

R 10 000

Digital Marketing 101

This workshop provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to seamlessly incorporate digital practices into your integrated marketing plans. It focuses on aligning your strategic approach with customer personas, brand storytelling, team dynamics, and the customer buying process using various tools and channels. By adopting these principles, you will...

R 5 500

Influencer Marketing

Enrol in our influencer marketing course to gain a thorough grasp of the strategies, techniques, and best practices used to leverage influencers for successful brand promotion and audience targeting. This comprehensive course encompasses key aspects of influencer marketing, such as the identification of suitable influencers, fostering fruitful partnerships,...

R 5 000

Content Marketing

Content marketing has emerged as a crucial component of any successful marketing strategy. It involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and engaging content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. With the ever increasing amount of information available to people, capturing their attention has become more challenging than ever before....

R 5 000

Social Media Management

Whether you are a new social media manager, an executive or a beginner this online course includes everything you need to know to come up to speed on social media management. So whether you’re looking to learn this as a skill to grow your own business or you want to become a social media manager this course is for you....

R 7 000

Fundamentals of Paid Media

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the essential foundations of paid media, encompassing key digital tools, technologies, and their applications. Gain valuable insights into areas such as email marketing, social media management, and customer service strategies. The course is specifically designed to cater to non-marketing teams seeking to enha...

R 4 500

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a proven age-old discipline that no matter how much things change it’ll continue to be around for many years to come. Direct Marketing course will equip you with practical skills, knowledge, and strategies to effectively engage target audiences, measure campaign performance, and drive results. It is beneficial for professionals seeking...

R 6 000

Campaign Management

Acquire a deep understanding of campaign management through our extensive course. This course covers how to handle impactful campaigns, formulate effective strategies and techniques, and assess performance to optimize outcomes. Empower yourself with the necessary skills to establish, execute, and evaluate successful campaign goals and achievements. Boost you...

R 7 500

Media Planning and Buying

Media planning and buying encompasses the strategic process of securing optimal advertising space for your advertisements through effective negotiation and optimal media placements . The ability to identify and secure the right digital advertising space can significantly impact ROI. Beneficial to marketing managers who sign off on media plans to junior plann...

R 7 000

Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy plays a huge role in ensuring the success of an organization in the online space, and by having the knowledge and leveraging on the most appropriate channels will ensure great success. In this course, you will learn how to maximize all the tools available to ensure successful execution of your social media marketing efforts....

R 8 000

Digital Media Strategy

This specialized course is meticulously crafted to cultivate digital strategists and leaders. It offers a profound exploration of digital marketing tactics, digital strategy implementation, marketing communications, and omnichannel marketing campaigns. By participating in this course, you will deepen your knowledge in these areas and acquire the skills neces...

R 7 500

Digital Account Management

Key account manager roles are key to a business growth potential. A good account manager is the one who takes the responsibility for managing the relationship with the prospects of the organization. Our Digital account management course aims to introduce learners to a variety of sales methods that will ensure they have sufficient understanding of the basic p...


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